Abandoning Afghanistan peace process for any reason would be ‘a great travesty’: PM Imran Khan


Warning the world that a hasty international withdrawal from Afghanistan will be unwise, Prime Minister Imran Khan said abandoning the Afghan peace process for any reason would be “a great travesty”.

This was stated by the premier in an opinion piece he wrote for The Washington Post on Saturday wherein he spoke about the casualties of war suffered by Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“With the exception of the resilient Afghans themselves, no people have paid a higher price for the conflict in Afghanistan than the people of Pakistan. Through decades of conflict, Pakistan has dealt with the responsibility of taking care of more than 4 million Afghan refugees,” wrote PM Imran.

The prime minister talked about how the war in Afghanistan disrupted Pakistan’s economic trajectory and radicalized fringes of the country’s society. “The Pakistan I had known growing up in the 1960s and 1970s changed in some deeply unsettling ways,” he stated.