Tabdeeli | 12th July 2016


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#PPP lead from front for joint #Oppsotion efforts regarding #PanamaLeaks Commission #TORs:@Qamarzkaira @aliimumtaz
Seems like there is matter of give & take going on between #PPP & #PMLN:@aliimumtaz
I despise speculations from Media:@Qamarzkaira

There’s no space for third power. Army,Politicians&bureaucracy have learnt to play their parts. Army wont take over:@Qamarzkaira @aliimumtaz

#ImranKhan will disclose the next strategy of #PTI on 20 of #July,after his return:@MehmoodurRashed to @aliimumtaz

We are in constantly in touch with #PTI,& we don’t need to deny it:@GandapurPAT to @aliimumtaz
There is no trust deficit in #Opposition.Shah Mahomood recently called.We are discussing strategies:@GandapurPAT to @aliimumtaz

I said PM #Nawaz must respect the democratic system.He should step down & get himself replaced:@MehmoodurRashed @aliimumtaz