Khara Such with Luqman | 29 August 2016


Watch tahir ul qadri Exclusive In Khara Sach With Mubashir Lucman – 29th August 2016


  1. Thanks to Mubasher Lucman, Channel 24 in hot waters
    This is the umpteenth time that Mubasher Lucman – famous for launching defamation campaigns against everyone he dislikes – has been fined for airing false news.
    In one of his programme on Channel 24 aired on June 10, Mubasher Lucman shared a picture of Maryam Nawaz Sharif chairing a meeting. Lucman alleged that she was heading the federal government in absence of her father who was under treatment in London at the time.
    But his allegations fell short when later this picture turned out to be fake. Maryam Nawaz in fact was chairing a meeting of the Prime Minister Youth Loan Program which was attended by regional chiefs of National Bank of Pakistan.
    The Pemra now has recommended a fine of Rs500,000 on the channel. No one from Channel 24 or on behalf of Mubasher Lucman appeared to satisfy the members of the Council.


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