It's a shameful moment to know that , 700 US Marines are settled in United State Embassy In Islamabad , THE HEART OF PAKISTAN ( CAPITAL ) yet another 1000 are coming, land has given to them 18 acres they have bought from CDA ( CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY ) Near Dr.A.Q.Khan's Research Facility.

What does it seems like, what are they up to " Pakistan's Nuclear Assets ? " if NO than your mistaken badly ... because already their Terrorist Army known as Black Water is in NWFP where they have bought the land near Shabqadar and charssada.

When we talk about democracy and other issue's it is simply to divert our minds from the real facts and figures, No Media has announced anything about BLACK WATER already functioning in Pakistan NWFP and 18 acres of Land Bought by US embassy near Facility ? which stupid idiot Government or Army officer would allow another force to get its troops and what for? for security purpose or is there anything else behind it which we are not being aware of? some sort of treaty agreement between PAK-US !

Why Black Water? well known Terrorist Army which has been declared by themselves even attack on their own soil is doing here, I know pakistan's present government officials are well corrupt and well disrespectful people devil only knows them well. but It is shameful for me to know this, 1700 US Marines will be In Islamabad? now if tomorrow same Thing India did are they doing to allow Indian Forces to step Inside too? Why are they keeping nation in the dark and doing their dirty greedy deeds filled up, It's a Wake Up call for Pakistani's before you never to hear, Pakistan Is Nuclear Powered OR NOW Pakistan is UNITED STATES OF PAKISTAN!

- Why 1700 US marines Allowed ?
- why 18 acres land sold near facility
- why BLACK WATER Army bought the land and functioning there?
- What exactly is the purpose of all this?

As a citizen it is our right to ask and to know, our Pakistan's Assets are safe in these corrupt hands? or they are willing to sell off entire pakistan. next thing i will know Zardari is in United States , Gilani in UK, and entire Parliament went out of pakistan, leaving pakistani nation to suffer in the hands of BLACK WATER ?