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  1. The Tigers that Cry Aloud!

    Omair Alavi
    The News

    They might not be the fiercest of creatures but tigers are the largest species in the cat family. They are muscular, have powerful forequarters, and especially in males, a large head. But it seems that the ones in Bangladesh are a different specie because in order to postpone the tour to Pakistan, they had to move to court instead of
  2. The day I wore a niqab

    Dawn News.

    Books have been written about it, feminists have insulted it,Muslim feminists, however, have defended it, and international laws are being passed against it. While there are some extreme cases where women are forced to wear a niqab (veil), most of theniqab-wearing women I know in Toronto and Karachi wear it due to a personal choice.
  3. Pakistan imploding under sectarian violence

    Murtaza Haider
    Dawn News

    After decades of waging the propaganda war against India for its highhanded treatment of Kashmiris, Pakistan is now the subject of a similar campaign by India who has highlighted the plight of Shias being murdered by sectarian terrorists in Gilgit-Baltistan.

    The Asian News International reported recently that “in ...
  4. Is Pakistan ‘ready’ for internationals?

    Hassan Cheema
    Dawn News.

    In 2006 Angola was awarded the right to host the 2010 African Cup of Nations (AfCON). Wary of the global importance of this – and how it would set the ‘image’ of the country – the Angolan government decided that one of the four venues for the tournament would be Cabinda. Cabinda – an exclave of the country – had been the
  5. Is Imran Khan the leader Pakistan needs?

    Ethan Casey
    Dawn News

    I’m not Pakistani, and for me to make pronouncements or pass judgment on Pakistani domestic politics would be presumptuous. But several Pakistani friends have asked me to write about Imran Khan. I do so now, albeit hesitantly, because what he represents is an important subject at this pregnant historical moment.
    I’ll start by highlighting points made recently
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