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  1. Make the Most of the New Year Sales 2017 With ARY Sahulat Bazar

    Build-up to winter sale over, than online retailers are taking the wraps off their plans to keep people spending into the New Year with their annual winter sales. The well-founded principles behind the sales are that people have some time on their hands before they have to go back to work, while retailers are looking to sell off stock which they were unable to offload in the busy run up to winter sale.

    But whereas in the past, the start of the sales has traditionally taken place as ...
  2. Change of Command and Fears Surrounding Karachi Operation

    Ahead of change of the command in Pakistan’s military, fears loom over the ongoing Karachi operation about consistency in its pace and reversal of results.Outgoing Chief of the Army Staff General Raheel Sharif, who embarked on a round of farewell visits to military formations last week, met officers and soldiers of the Karachi Corps and affirmed that change of command should not affect peace efforts in Karachi.Although he said ‘results’ achieved during the crackdown ‘cannot be allowed to reverse’, ...
  3. What Brand Pakistan can learn from Brand India

    Let’s face it, Pakistan has an image problem.

    Every year we seem to make a new ‘worst place in the world for’ list and as luck would have it, Pakistan is consistently in the top 10.

    This year alone, we’ve been named the second worst country in the world for women; the eleventh most unsafe country in the world; the fourth worst for journalists and third for overall worst reputation.

    Granted, the deciding markers and selection criteria for these rankings ...
  4. ایک کُھلا خط وزیراعظم کے نام

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    اسلام و علیکم وزیراعظم صاحب،
    میں ایک محب وطن پاکستانی ہوں، بالکل ویسے ہی جیسے
  5. This Muharram, I realised that my father’s childhood is still alive

    The beggar who did his beat in my old neighbourhood knew his audience well. The whole year he would beg by lamenting his misfortune with mixed results, but from the first day of Muharram he would change his tactic.

    In his high pitched but sonorous voice he would invoke the names of the Prophet’s (pbuh) family and the martyrs of Karbala. At some point he had come to the conclusion that the street my house was on was populated by Shias who would be moved to give charity when he called ...
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